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What makes a good photograph? I believe the crucial element is capturing a true moment. An authentic photo possesses the magic to transport you back to a time and a feeling, and speak directly to your soul.


You probably know what I’m talking about. Do you have pictures that you look at from your childhood, or the beginning of your relationship? Maybe a photo of a parent or a grandparent that brings you back to the comfort you felt with them every time you look at it?


On your wedding day it is important to have a well-framed picture, beautifully exposed light, and a crisp image… but the critical element is you. As a photographer I pride myself on being able to capture authentic moments between my brides and grooms. I want you to have the beautiful posed portraits that you can hang on your walls and show off in albums, the ones that help define your commitment to each other. However, I believe the photos that will gain value for you over time are the ones that I capture in between poses: the photos of you having fun, and being present in the moment. These are the pictures that will help you remember the day, the big feelings that were swirling around inside you, and the way you felt about each other. These are the photos that will remind you how much fun you have together, and rekindle your friendship when things get hard. My hope is to give you a keepsake to hold onto that will allow your own love story to inspire you over and over, whenever you need it.


You can probably tell that I am crazy sentimental. I love boldly and I hold on tight. Because of this, photos have always been important to me… but I found a new attachment to them when I shot my first wedding for Jaclyn and Ted in Jasper in 2014. It can be a very intimate thing to create a photograph. It is the act of choosing a moment to keep, to save for later reflection. I can’t describe the pride I felt when I visited Jaclyn and Ted’s home to deliver their package and saw the images I created already hanging on their walls. I realized that photographing their wedding was more than getting to spend an amazing day in the mountains with two fools in love. It was more than getting to meet their closest friends and relatives and shedding some silly tears over this love story I just tumbled into that day. It was also a huge honour to have taken images that meant as much to someone else as they did to me.


As a wedding photographer I have the privilege to be with people on one of the most exciting days of their lives, and it is my responsibility to preserve the way that day felt for those who wish to remember. My hope is that these photos continue to mean as much to the people in them as they do to me, for each image I create becomes a part of my story, an unforgettable piece of my human experience. The people in my photos have un-reversibly enriched my life. I have been changed by you, and I am totally moonstruck by your stories. Thank you for letting me tell them!